Commercial Condominium

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is membership mandatory:

Yes. The fee for operating and reserve maintenance fee is $5.09 a sq/ft.

Question: Where do I send payments?

Use coupon and send to BB&T Bank P.O. Box 628277 Orlando, FL 32862 or login to the owner portal to pay online, or sign up with the Management office for ACH payments.

Question: Where are meetings posted?

They are mailed to all owners and posted on the online portal.

Question: What are my voting rights?

One vote per unit. Corporations or jointly owned properties must designate their voting interest.

Question: What are the restrictions regarding sales and rentals?

Written approval and background checks for each individual occupying the unit.

Question: Is the association facing a lawsuit that may cause liability in excess of $100,000? No. Question: Where can I find the governing Documents? Please click on the button links below.